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Local Products

We Partner with Local Vendors

From produce, vitamins, and health care products we are so proud to support many local vendors, large and small, in all the departments of our store. 

A few of our favorites

Barham Family Farms
Bear Soap Company
Belfonte Ice Cream & Dairy
Bethlehem Bakery
Boys Grow
Broadway Coffee
Campo Lindo
Cashew Creamery
Central Soyfoods
Chelsea’s Bakehouse
City Market CoffeeCooper’s Honey Farm
Dream Cream
Farm to Market
Gigi the Vegan
Hemme Brothers

Herb Gathering
Indigo Wild

KC Buffalo

Long Lost Coffee
Mattie’s Queso
Missouri Northern Pecan
Mutt Crunchers
Nature’s Choice
Oasis Hummus
Oddly Correct Coffee
Pickwick Candles
reStart (Dog Treats)
River Hills Harvest
SCD Probiotics
Stony Crest Urban Farm
The Roasterie
Thou Mayest Coffee
Wild Wash
Yoli Tortilleria

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